Steps to a Biorefinery

Cindy Zimmerman

Diversifying ethanol plants into biorefineries was an important topic at the recent American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) annual meeting in Omaha, as a strategy moving forward.

Steps to a Biorefinery was a panel at the conference with leading technology providers and producers discussing strategies for ethanol producers to diversify, become more efficient, and remain profitable well into the future.

Among the presenters was Jeff Scharping, Sales Director for ICM Inc., who also conducted a breakout session on “How Biorefineries Can Achieve Success by Adopting Focused Strategies.” Listen to his presentation here:
ACE Conference remarks Jeff Scharping, ICM Inc

Also on the panel were Neal Jakel, Partner and VP Strategy & Technology, Fluid Quip Technologies and Chad Kuhlers, COO, Golden Grain Energy LLC. Watch the Facebook Live video of the panel on the ACE Facebook page.

2019 ACE Conference Photo Album

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