‘Ethanol Days of Summer’ Contest Ends

Cindy Zimmerman

Labor Day signaled the unofficial end of summer and the official end of the Renewable Fuels Association’s (RFA) third annual “Ethanol Days of Summer” contest. The three-month contest offered consumers the chance to win $50 in free fuel per day, and more than 3,100 new users of E85prices.com registered and helped report prices for higher ethanol blends like E15 and E85, as well as conventional fuels.

“This contest has been a great way to introduce drivers to ethanol options they may not have been aware of, while having fun and helping others in an interactive way,” said RFA Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White. “Our E85prices.com website provides drivers with data at their fingertips, tracking the locations and prices of those ethanol stations closest to them. As we continue to build out our data collection capabilities, we look forward to providing consumers with even more information on ethanol blend pricing.”

The contest also highlighted the price discount between ethanol blends and regular unleaded fuel, reported on E85prices.com. The website is crowdsourced and provides pricing and locations for thousands of stations selling E85 and E15 blends across the country. By submitting prices they see, contest winners collectively received $4,950 in free fuel.

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