Biodiesel Industry Spotlights Waiver Pain

Cindy Zimmerman

The biodiesel industry wants the administration to understand that they are hurting as much or more than ethanol producers as a result of EPA’s small refinery exemptions (SRE).

National Biodiesel Board (NBB) CEO Donnell Rehagen and Vice President of Federal Affairs Kurt Kovarik hosted a conference call with reporters Thursday to discuss the impact of small refinery exemptions on biodiesel and renewable diesel producers. The group estimates the small refinery exemptions have destroyed hundreds of millions of gallons of demand for biodiesel, which is forcing domestic producers to stop production and furlough employees, and NBB recently joined with other groups to request a meeting with President Trump to address a resolution to the demand destruction.

The NBB officials say biodiesel is getting forgotten in the media coverage about the waivers focusing on ethanol only, but the exemptions are actually causing disproportionate harm to biodiesel and renewable diesel, and “biodiesel must be addressed in any package the addresses lost gallons from the RFS.”

Kovarik said they just want to make it clear that the refinery exemptions are not “ethanol wa

Listen to NBB press conference here:
NBB press call on refinery waivers

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