Coalition Kicks Off Gasoline Public Education Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

The Clean Fuels Development Coalition has launched the nation’s first Gasoline Public Education and Consumer Awareness Campaign, focusing on the health threat of consumer gasoline.

The campaign is the outcome of a year-long research project and the recently released publication What’s in Our Gasoline Is Killing Us: Mobile Source Air Toxics and The Threat to Public Health released last month.

“Just as we were able to get lead out of gasoline, and limit exposure to secondhand smoke, this needs to be a consumer driven campaign to demand safer gasoline,” said CFDC Executive Director Douglas Durante. “As we all gain a better understanding of just how dangerous gasoline is with its carcinogenic compounds, there are actions we can take to drive change.”

To initiate the campaign the coalition has created a series of public service announcements based on consumer’s lack of education about the negative health effects from gasoline emissions. “You don’t Know Jack About Gasoline”. In addition, CFDC has created a citizen’s petition to EPA to make gasoline safer as part of the Campaign’s first calls to action.

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