NUVU Fuels to Make E15 Standard Blend

Michigan-based fuel retailer NUVU Fuels plans to make E15 the standard blend at all locations, according to Growth Energy.

NUVU Fuels will offer flex vehicle owners the choice of higher biofuel blends like E85. In addition, E10 will be available at designated dispensers for owners of older cars (which represent less than 10 percent of the vehicle fleet) and small engines. This news follows the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approval of summer sales of E15. E15, known to consumers as Unleaded 88, is approved by EPA for all cars 2001 and newer.

“This decision is consistent with the purchase patterns of our customers, follows consumer demand, and allows us to be highly competitive in the marketplace,” said NUVU Fuels CEO Mitch Miller. “Now that we can reliably offer E15 year-round, we can confidently make it our biggest focus and offer our consumers better fuel choices to match their lifestyles. Higher biofuel blends give all drivers access to choices that are smart for their engines, kinder for the environment, and better for their wallets.”

“Growth Energy is proud to have led the fight on year-round E15 alongside fuel retailers to give all Americans access to a cleaner-burning, engine smart fuel year-round,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “We’re excited for the model NUVU Fuels is setting and have heard interest from other retailers in moving in this direction now that E15 year-round is a reality.”

E15 is currently sold at 1,807 stations in 31 states.

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3 responses to “NUVU Fuels to Make E15 Standard Blend”

  1. Nice story, thank you for doing it. However, I had to do a double-take when I first read the headline. I thought it was was saying that NUVU was going to produce lead (led) E15, as in tetraethyl leaded gasoline. It was only after reading the story and looking for references to the old horrible additive that I realized I you meant “lead”, (pronounced as leed). The joke was on me. Perhaps the better word to use would have been “primary” instead of “lead.” I’ll have to remember this in my own articles.