Petition Urges Car Makers to Build More FFVs

Cindy Zimmerman

A grassroots effort has begun to let auto manufacturers know American drivers want more flex-fuel vehicle options.

In recent months, auto manufacturers have signaled they are pulling back on the production of flex-fuel vehicles, which can run on a variety of higher ethanol blends up to E85. Two members of the ethanol industry decided to let auto makers know how Americans feel about that by starting a petition. Paul Kamp with Whitefox Technologies and the Chicago Bioenergy Group spearheaded the petition, along with Chris Schwarck of Absolute Energy.

The petition reads:

We are consumers of your vehicles and we request that you manufacture cars and trucks of all models, engines and trim levels that will allow the use of higher ethanol blends such as E15, E20, E30 and E85. This would make our purchasing experience more enjoyable and less cumbersome than it is today. Many of us can simply not find the vehicles we wish to purchase. In addition, this would be beneficial to your sales presentation to offer environmentally friendly vehicles that burn clean, high-octane American made fuel, while supporting rural America and U.S. agriculture.

See it and sign it – here.

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