RFA Earns Seventh Straight TRANSCAER® Award

Cindy Zimmerman

For the seventh consecutive year, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has received a TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award for its industry-leading ethanol safety program. RFA hosted numerous ethanol safety training events in 2018, giving more than 1,800 emergency responders the tools and information they need to effectively respond to any incidents involving fuel ethanol.

The TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award is given in recognition of extraordinary achievement by an individual person, company, organization or a team in support of the TRANSCAER® initiative.

In 2018, RFA held 32 ethanol safety seminars in 13 locations, four Train-the-Trainer webinars and an online ethanol safety training initiative, which trained emergency responders on how to properly respond to an ethanol incident. Collectively, these events trained more than 1,800 individuals last year.

So far this year, RFA has held 20 ethanol safety seminars and two Train-the-Trainer events, with more planned throughout the year.

For more information on ethanol safety events, visit EthanolResponse.com or contact Missy Ruff at RFA.

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