RFA Pushes Back on API E15 Push Poll

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is pushing back on a poll released yesterday by the American Petroleum Institute (API) that claims most Americans are concerned about approving E15 to be sold year round.

“API’s newest poll is so manipulative it can’t even be called a ‘push poll.’ It’s more like a ‘shove poll’ that bullies respondents into answering the questions exactly the way API wants them answered. These results are meaningless and do nothing to objectively represent consumer opinion on E15,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper.

API’s poll claims to show that 69-83 percent of voters have concerns about E15, but questions asked in the poll clearly lead the respondents by making statements that are either totally false or misleading at best. For example, API says “83 percent of voters are concerned that consumers could shoulder higher pump prices if service stations are forced to invest in new infrastructure to accommodate certain types of fuels.” Here is how the question was worded (emphasis added):

There are some people who think the government should force service stations to carry higher levels of ethanol such as E15. According to a study by the Petroleum Equipment Institute, service stations might have to buy new storage tanks and pumps and make other investments in their properties to carry E15. These increased expenses could increase the cost of gasoline. How concerned are you that government mandates that force service stations to carry certain types of fuel could end up costing consumers more when they fill up?”

The question is based on a totally false premise. The federal government is not considering any mandate that would force stations to sell or consumers to buy any kind of fuel.

Cooper adds that since E15 was approved as a motor fuel in 2011, there have been no reported cases of consumer misfueling or engine damage related to the fuel blend. “While API continues to spread false and misleading information about E15, American drivers deserve to know the truth—E15 is a cleaner, lower priced, higher octane fuel that will soon be available year-round and nationwide,” said Cooper.

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