National Biodiesel Celebrates Ten Green Years

Cindy Zimmerman

NBB celebrates 10th anniversary of green headquarters

On Monday, September 10th, the National Biodiesel Board celebrated 10 green years in their Jefferson City office biulding.

“The National Biodiesel Board was started here in Jefferson City 25 years ago,” said Chief Executive Officer Donnell Rehagen. “This building has served NBB for the last ten years, allowing us to grow our industry across the nation.”

In 2008, NBB moved into their home in Jefferson City after remodeling a previously vacant building on the East side of town. The office itself was designed with sustainability in mind, with energy efficient indoor lighting, recycled carpet, and solar powered outdoor lights. NBB wanted to follow biodiesel’s lead with clean, green energy. Since moving into their celebrated space, the biodiesel industry has made significant strides and continues to see progress each year.

NBB cuts ribbon on new building – 9/10/08

AgWired reporter John Davis was there when the building was opened in 2008 and did a nice job documenting the event, complete with the ribbon cutting, a tour of the building, and comments from dignitaries.

Get a blast from the past and listen to some opening day 2008 comments from Missouri’s governor at the time, Matt Blunt, and (now former) Rep. Kenny Hulshof (R-MO), who remains active in the biodiesel industry.

Missouri Gov Matt Blunt, 9/10/08

Rep. Kenny Hulshof, 9/10/08
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