Ethanol Report on Helping Refiners and Hurting Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

The actions and inaction of the Trump Administration continue to hurt the ethanol industry and farmers, despite words and promises.

Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) notes that an updated analysis from the Food and Agriculture Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) shows the U.S. ethanol industry could lose 4.6 billion gallons of domestic demand and nearly $20 billion in sales revenue over the next six years if EPA continues its current practice of refinery exemptions. Meanwhile, President Trump and even the Secretary of Agriculture are still saying they need to give something to the oil industry to help out ethanol producers and farmers.

In this edition of The Ethanol Report podcast, RFA Executive Vice President Geoff Cooper discusses the latest on the two key issues that have dominated biofuels policy this year – refinery exemptions that have impacted demand under the Renewable Fuel Standard, and allowing year-round sales of 15% ethanol.

Ethanol Report on Helping Refiners and Hurting Ethanol

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