RFA’s Cooper on EPA Actions

Cindy Zimmerman

As EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was kicking off his three state ethanol tour last week in Kansas, he was the main topic of a panel discussion on “Surveying the Health of Renewable Fuels Policy under the Trump Administration” was being held at Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Omaha.

Renewable Fuels Association Executive Vice President Geoff Cooper was among the panel participants who discussed what they know about Pruitt’s actions impacting the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFA). “What we know is there’s some squirrelly things going on,” said Cooper in an interview after the panel. Those squirrels are mainly the small refinery exemptions that Pruitt has been granting by the dozen.

“We are seeing destruction of demand as a result of these waivers,” said Cooper. “President Trump campaigned through the Midwest on a promise of supporting this industry and those commitments haven’t really added up with the actions of his EPA administrator.”

Listen to Cooper’s take on Pruitt’s actions in this interview: Interview with Geoff Cooper, RFA

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