Ethanol Safety Seminars Earn RFA 6th TRANSCAER® Award

Cindy Zimmerman

For the sixth consecutive year, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has received a TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award for hosting a series of seminars last year on ethanol safety and emergency responders.

In addition, RFA Technical Services Manager Missy Ruff received the TRANSCAER® Individual Achievement award for work on both RFA’s new ethanol safety DVD that was released last year and for the ethanol safety seminar and webinar efforts. She previously received the award in 2015, 2013, and 2012. The awards are in recognition of extraordinary achievement by an individual person, company, organization or a team in support of the TRANSCAER® initiative.

In 2017, RFA held 35 ethanol safety seminars and four Train the Trainer events, which trains emergency responders on how to properly respond to an ethanol incident. Additionally, 622 emergency responders completed RFA’s online Ethanol Emergency Response Course in 2017, for a combined nearly 1,000 since the program was launched in August 2016.

Since December 2010, RFA has hosted 230 ethanol safety seminars across 39 states, along with 13 Train the Trainer events, and has trained more than 7,700 emergency responders in total.

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