Ethanol Report on EPA Small Refinery Waivers

Cindy Zimmerman

Outrage is growing this week over revelations that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been granting Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compliance exemptions to dozens of oil refineries. Combined with the approval of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions bankruptcy agreement and the agency’s refusal to enforce the 2016 RFS requirements as remanded by the courts, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is saying enough is enough.

In this edition of The Ethanol Report, RFA president and CEO Bob Dinneen comments on the PES settlement, RFA’s FOIA request on refinery exemptions, reports of yet another White House meeting on the RFS next week, and whether Scott Pruitt’s days as EPA administrator may be numbered.

Listen here: Ethanol Report on EPA Small Refinery Waivers

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