Sec. Perdue Comments on RFS and RINS

Cindy Zimmerman

Not much was said publicly during National Ag Day on Tuesday about the continuing RFS/RIN price dispute which is still being discussed at the very highest levels of government. But Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue did give an update during his remarks at the National Press Club Ag Day event.

“We’ve been in fairly intense discussions about the solution,” said Perdue. “The president has been involved in those and his commitment to the corn producers, biodiesel, biofuels industry is still solid.”

However, Perdue says the president has to consider the allegations of job loss in the refinery sector so the challenge is to reduce the Renewable Identification Numbers without hurting the renewable fuel volume,” he said. “We are hoping that we can resolve it where we will not see RINs capped.”

Perdue noted that when the RINs issue first started in October, the RIN price was 98 cents. “They were 38 as of last Friday so the conversation itself has already been helpful in driving RIN prices down.”

Reports were circulating that Perdue was going to meet Tuesday with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to discuss options to present to the president.

Listen to Perdue’s comments on RINs here: Secy Perdue comments on RFS/RIN price issue

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