ACE Fly-in Takes Off Despite Bad Weather

Cindy Zimmerman

Nearly all of the members registered to attend the 10th annual American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Fly-in are here and ready to hit The Hill in D.C. despite very inclement weather that has shut down the government.

ACE CEO Brian Jennings says this year is the most critical for the industry in all the ten years they have been coming to Washington D.C. to talk ethanol with lawmakers and they have a pretty direct message. “Don’t mess with the RFS, and call the president and call EPA and tell them we do not want any damage done to the RFS,” Jennings said.

He says the whole RIN price issue is so fluid at this point, it is hard to know what is happening from day to day. “It’s a challenge to get ready for an event like this when things are changing so rapidly.”

ACE members already heard this morning from Bill Wehrum, EPA Assistant Administrator for Air & Radiation, who was gracious enough to brave the weather and answer some tough questions.

Listen to my interview with Brian here:
Interview with Brian Jennings, ACE CEO

2018 ACE DC Fly-in Photo Album

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