Auto Expert Shares Thoughts on Ethanol at NEC

Carrie Muehling

Participants at the 2018 National Ethanol Conference heard from renowned auto expert and commentator Marc Rauch, Executive Vice President and Co-Publisher of, on his efforts to educate the auto community and beyond on the use of ethanol in vehicles.

Rauch shared a history of ethanol use around the world and myths that have been spread to negatively impact the fuel’s usage.

“The same oil industry that has been badmouthing ethanol for all these years and standing in the way and using all of their money to sidetrack ethanol from greater acceptance and all of these things is nonsense because the oil industry itself has said ethanol blends are the best fuel for internal combustion engines,” said Rauch.

Listen to the session with Marc Rauch from the National Ethanol Conference here: Marc Rauch, The Auto Channel

2018 National Ethanol Conference Photo Album

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