Biodiesel No Problem in RFS Talks

Cindy Zimmerman

Of those Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) stakeholders at last week’s White House meeting, only Renewable Energy Group, Inc. President and CEO Randy Howard walked out feeling like his industry was safe.

Howard, who joined other top biofuel company executives who met with the President, Vice President Pence, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and some petroleum refiners to discuss the RFS, says it was made clear there is no problem with biodiesel.

“My first priority in meeting President Trump was to thank him for his support of American renewable fuels and his commitment to the RFS,” said Howard. “The President understood that RIN prices go down with continued growth of biofuel volumes. Then, it was made abundantly clear by all parties in the room that none of them have an issue with biodiesel’s role in the RFS.”

Howard said he looks forward to continuing the dialogue with the Administration on behalf of biodiesel. The president has reportedly asked for yet another meeting with stakeholders after two last week failed to produce a consensus on how to address the issue of high Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs).

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