Real Cost of E15 Revealed in ACE Video

Cindy Zimmerman

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) recently released the third video in a series of fuel marketer-focused videos on, part of a campaign featuring real world experiences of E15 and flex fuel retailers adding and marketing the fuels.

This latest video addresses one of the most common misconceptions about adding higher ethanol blends – that it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for the equipment needed to sell E15 and flex fuels. The episode features retailers who either found they already had equipment that was compatible with E15 and flex fuels, or utilized programs available to help pay the difference between standard and flex fuel equipment. While many reports have focused on major retailers like Sheetz, QuikTrip, Kum & Go, and Casey’s adding E15 and flex fuels, this video shows the addition can be affordable and profitable for any size retailer.

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