GROWMARK FS Offers TOP TIER™ Biodiesel Blend

Cindy Zimmerman

GROWMARK FS FAST STOP locations recently became among the first registered TOP TIER™ Diesel Fuel sites in the country, and the Illinois-based farmer cooperative is offering the additized diesel fuel blended with biodiesel.

“By blending biodiesel into Top Tier Diesel Fuel, GROWMARK is providing customers with even more benefits,” said National Biodiesel Board Technical Director Scott Fenwick. “Biodiesel is cleaner burning than petroleum diesel, has higher cetane, provides better lubricity, and is safer to handle and store.”

Top Tier Diesel Fuel was developed to provide better performance, in turn helping the diesel fuel retailers, auto and engine manufacturers, and those who drive or use diesel-powered equipment. Relative to the ASTM D975 and D7467 specifications for diesel and biodiesel blends, the Top Tier Diesel Performance Standard requires detergents to reduce deposits on the fuel injectors, improve lubricity, improve fuel stability, and provide more protection against water and particulates that may be in the fuel before dispensing it into vehicles and equipment.

“We strive to provide the best fuel standard in the industry by not only meeting, but exceeding, the new TOP TIER Diesel Fuel standards,” said Curt Dunafin, GROWMARK energy services manager. “Additional performance benefits of Dieslex Gold include: cleaning up dirty engines, controlling moisture, faster starts, lower emissions, and extending storage stability.”

GROWMARK is a member of the National Biodiesel Board and has been an active participant in alternate fuel research, marketing and distribution for many years.

Learn more about TOP TIER and GROWMARK in this interview: Interview with Curt Dunafin, GROWMARK Energy

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