Auto Channel Takes On Swamp Watch

Cindy Zimmerman

Marc Rauch of the Auto Channel is known to take mainstream media reporters to task for being fact-challenged when it comes to ethanol, and his most recent target is Steve Hilton, who has a show on Fox News called “The Next Revolution” with a segment called “Swamp Watch.”

Rauch says Hilton’s seven minute segment on “The Corrupt Ethanol Industry” is so riddled with inaccuracies that “virtually everything he said about ethanol is incorrect…stupidly incorrect.” Hilton is vicious in his attacks on Sens. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst of Iowa for taking money from the ethanol lobby, to the point of calling Ernst “a pig and a stooge.” Rauch points out that the “website lists 95 U.S. Senators who accepted lobbying money from the oil industry in 2016. If two Senators accepting lobbyist money is bad, how disgusting is 95 Senators accepting money from Big Oil lobbyists?”

Hilton then attacks the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) as “the ring master of this swampy circus” that has spent nearly $8 million dollars on lobbying since 2010 (about $1 million per year). “However, the major oil companies spend more than $115 million per year on lobbying. The American Petroleum Institute (API), which you could say is the ring master of the gasoline swampy circus, contributes the largest part of the $115 million per year, they spend $65 million per year. That’s 65 times more per year than RFA.”

Watch the video, read Rauch’s comments, and write to Steve Hilton and Fox News to tell them what you think.

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