Biodiesel Documentary Premieres

Cindy Zimmerman

NBB’s Jessica Robinson (second from right) poses with Hot Grease film team

Grease is the word of the day for the National Biodiesel Board, with tonight’s on-air debut of the new Discovery Impact documentary “HOT GREASE”.

NBB Director of Communications Jessica Robinson says HOT GREASE showcases what the biodiesel industry is about and the challenges it faces. “At the end of the film I felt like the audience was really rooting for biodiesel,” said Robinson, who was interviewed for the documentary and attended the premiere at the DOC NYC festival earlier this week. “The documentary crew did a great job of telling the story of an entrepreneur spirit and a blue collar workforce that joined forces to put this industry together.” Interview with Jessica Robinson, NBB

The Discovery Impact documentary HOT GREASE debuts tonight, November 16 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery and will be available on Discovery Go and Discovery On Demand on tomorrow. In addition, the producers of the documentary will be at the 2018 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in January to discuss how the story came to be and how their impressions of the biodiesel industry evolved as they invested nearly 18 months in making the film.

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