Bayer Showcases InVigor® Canola Hybrids

The canola was in full bloom for the Bayer Showcase Plot Tour this week in North Dakota, soaking up the spotlight on the latest InVigor® canola hybrids.

U.S. InVigor Sales Lead Kristie Sundeen says the Liberty Link trait canola hybrid just celebrated 20 years on the market and the most recent hybrids with pod shatter reduction technology are gaining in popularity. “It keeps the canola from shattering as we get closer to harvest, so it allows for straight cutting canola,” said Sundeen. “Probably 50 percent of our market has switched from swathing to straight cut.”

Sundeen says this year they have been working on trials to evaluate the agronomics of the InVigor hybrids. “We have two locations looking into everything from the seed size to seeding depth, to hybrid evaluation, seeding rates, a little bit of everything.”

Learn more about Bayer InVigor® canola hybrids in this interview: Interview with Kristie Sundeen, Bayer, InVigor Canola

Bayer Showcase Plot Tour – North Dakota Photo Album

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