Downstate New York Ready for Bioheat

Cindy Zimmerman

Counties in Downstate New York are set to join New York City in increasing the use of biodiesel in home heating oil, a product called Bioheat® fuel.

Legislation passed this week by Assemblyman Steve Englebright (A.6954-A) and Senator Phil Boyle (S.B5422-A) would expand the state’s commitment to renewable energy by requiring heating oil sold in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties to contain at least five percent biodiesel (B5) by July 1, 2018. The bill now awaits action by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“This legislation builds on New York City’s continued commitment to clean energy and biodiesel while supporting local jobs and better choices for consumers,” said National Biodiesel Board CEO Donnell Rehagen.

New York City, the largest municipal consumer of heating oil in the country, instituted a two percent biodiesel requirement in October of 2012 that increases to 5 percent later this year. This legislation would ensure the entire New York City Metropolitan Area, representing approximately 70 percent of the state’s heating oil market, would have a 5 percent biodiesel blending requirement.

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