Al-Corn Expansion Update

Cindy Zimmerman

The expansion project for Al-Corn Clean Fuel in Claremont, Minnesota is moving along nicely, according to CEO Randy Doyal.

“There’s a lot of steel going up now, we’ve poured a lot of concrete,” says Doyal, recent past chairman of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA).

The project that will increase the plant’s capacity from 50 million gallons a year, up to 120 million gallons per year, and Doyal says they are improving the value of the plant for shareholders and the local economy at the same time.

“We’ve been very innovative and creative over the years to get tremendous efficiencies,” said Doyal. “We’re trying to make more money for our members.”

Learn more in this interview with Doyal conducted by Dave Ladd. Interview with Al-Corn Energy CEO Randy Doyal

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