DieselSellerz to Promote Biodiesel

The DieselSellerz are going bio with the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) to promote biodiesel.

The DieselSellerz is the “world’s largest diesel truck classifieds community,” with a crew that has become known for building and giving away tricked-out diesel trucks, as well as other antics, on the Discovery Channel show “Diesel Brothers.” The crew will take on the task of building a biodiesel truck for MSR&PC, with the build set to air during a future episode on Discovery. The Minnesota biodiesel truck will be unveiled August 2 during appearances by the DieselSellerz at Farmfest near Morgan, Minn., and at the 2018 MN Ag Expo in Mankato.

“Biodiesel is something I have been interested in for quite some time,” says DieselSellerz’ Dave “Heavy D” Sparks. “Years ago when the price of diesel fuel was extremely high, I began to plan a way to make my own ‘homebrew’ biodiesel fuel to power my personal truck. I put those plans on hold when the cost of diesel fuel went back down but the concept of renewable fuel has intrigued me ever since. I am beyond excited to work with the MSR&PC to show the world that there are many options to power your diesel vehicle outside of fossil fuels.”

The partnership is part of a larger biodiesel awareness campaign by MSR&PC. “In Minnesota, we depend on the extra 63 cents a bushel biodiesel adds to soybeans,” says MSR&PC Chairman Keith Schrader. “Partnering with the DieselSellerz helps us showcase biodiesel on a state and national level.”

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