Redfield Energy Celebrates Ten Years

Cindy Zimmerman

It was ten years ago on April 26, 2007 that Redfield Energy in South Dakota produced its first gallon of ethanol and this week they are throwing a party to celebrate.

“These ten years have gone so fast,” says Dana Siefkes-Lewis, chief administrative officer at Redfield Energy LLC, who says they actually started the company 12 years ago and spent two years in planning, fundraising, construction and training, before bringing the plant on line.

Over the past decade, Lewis says Redfield Energy has purchased over 194 million bushels of local corn and produced 545 million gallons of ethanol, 1.5 million tons of distillers grains and 63 million pounds of corn oil. “We’re proud to be a member of the Redfield community and we look forward to sharing our progress over the past 10 years with those who join us in celebrating this milestone at the plant on Thursday,” she said.

The 10 year celebration will include remarks from the top leadership of the national ethanol organizations – Brian Jennings with the American Coalition for Ethanol, Emily Skor of Growth Energy and Renewable Fuels Association CEO Bob Dinneen – since Redfield is an active member of all three. “We feel that all three organizations do a good job at what they are doing,” said Lewis. “We have good relationships with all three of them.”

Lewis talks about the 10 year anniversary in this interview: Interview with Dana Siefkes-Lewis, Redfield Energy

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