Global RFA Urges Renewed Pledge to CO2 Reduction

Cindy Zimmerman

On Earth Day 2017, the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) called for a renewed global commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in the year ahead.

GRFA president Bliss Baker notes that nearly 200 countries have signed on to the world’s first binding agreement on climate action. “What needs to happen next is the implementation of policies across the globe aimed at reducing national CO2 emissions,” said Baker. “The GRFA is excited to work with governments and international NGO’s to continue to build on the exciting progress made in the last two years and to develop workable solutions to keep global temperature rise this century within the targets laid out in the Paris agreement.”

According to GRFA, the global transport sector is estimated to represent close to 45% of direct CO2 emissions while having the lowest renewable energy share among all sectors, making it a priority sector for policy action to reduce emissions.

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