Meet the Ethanol Crappie Masters Teams

Cindy Zimmerman

Corn growers and ethanol producers have both seen an opportunity to educate serious anglers on the ethanol industry and the performance of 10 percent ethanol fuel in boat motors.

Terry Richard and Casey Rayner were chosen as the Renewable Fuels Association team in the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail this year as RFA became a title sponsor.

“We’ve always used ethanol fuel in our boat,” said Richard, who says they are glad to represent ethanol in the tournament and grateful for the sponsorship because fishing tournaments are “fun, but it’s an expensive hobby!”

Listen to an interview with Richard and Raynor here: Interview with RFA Crappie Masters Team

The Missouri Corn Growers got on board with the Crappie Masters as a sponsor for the 2015 tournament season to help showcase ethanol’s performance power on the water with Billy Don Surface and Kevin Jones as their team.

Jones says they do get lots of questions from people when they see their American Ethanol wrapped boat about using ethanol in boat engines. “A lot of people are curious,” about using ethanol blended fuel in their boats, says Jones, but most don’t even know that they probably are using it already. “About 95 percent of the people, once you explain it to them they realize they do too, they just didn’t know it.”

The Missouri Corn team towed their boat about 23,000 miles last year on the tournament trail. “We hit a lot of states… we impact a lot of people,” said Jones. “When most people listen and find out the facts, they’re not scared of ethanol.”

Listen to an interview with Jones and Surface here: Interview with MO Corn Crappie Masters Team

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