Quad County Corn Processors to Evaluate XyloFerm®

Cindy Zimmerman

Quad County Corn Processors of Galva, Iowa will soon be helping to evaluate the XyloFerm® yeast strain in the Cellerate™ process on an industrial scale. XyloFerm® is a Gen 2 yeast platform from Taurus Energy AB of Sweden distributed in United States by Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits.

Now that XyloFerm has obtained GRAS status for distillers grains produced using the XyloFerm strains when consumed as animal feed, the three companies will be performing a series of tests in 385,000 gallon fermentation vessels. The trials will begin in April and will investigate the scale-up effects on technical and economic factors. Lallemand will supply XyloFerm in the form of Stabilized Liquid Yeast (SLY) and dosing system to Quad County Corn Processors for the trial, as well as on-site support.

XyloFerm® is robust prototrophic yeast strain for producing ethanol from C6 and xylose streams which offers minimal byproduct formation with a high tolerance for inhibitors common with cellulosic substrates.

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