Governors Ask Trump to Support Biofuels

Cindy Zimmerman

The Governors’ Biofuels Coalition sent a letter to President Trump Monday asking him to support efforts to expand biofuel production and to help the states “harvest its economic and environmental benefits.”

“We write on behalf of governors from states across the nation who believe that two of America’s great treasures are agriculture and renewable fuels,” the governors wrote. The letter is signed by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Specifically, the governors are asking the president to direct EPA to remove barriers to the use of higher ethanol blends, enforce the Renewable Fuel Standard as approved by Congress, revise outdated biofuels’ lifecycle carbon findings to accurately reflect environmental benefits, and “correct the motor vehicle emission model’s (MOVES) mistaken conclusions about ethanol’s contribution to air pollution.”

The governors also wrote to President Trump shortly after he was elected.

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