Iowa Energy Plan Unveiled

Cindy Zimmerman

Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds today unveiled the Iowa Energy Plan, which “assesses current and future energy supply and demand, examines energy policies and programs and identifies emerging challenges and opportunities.”

“Iowa is a leader in biofuels and renewable energy,” said Lt. Governor Reynolds. “That leadership was achieved because of thoughtful planning. Creating a statewide energy plan will keep Iowa at the forefront of energy policy and allow our state to develop a path toward the future.”

The Iowa Energy Plan’s vision statement represents the collective understanding of Iowa’s ideal future in terms of its energy use and resources. The vision considers a planning horizon of 10 years, with 15 objectives and 45 strategies outlined in the 100+ page report.

Several key areas that could positively impact Iowa’s energy economy were identified in the plan, including technology-based research and development, alternative fuel vehicles, and biomass potential.

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) Executive Director Monte Shaw says he is pleased to see the plan intends to build on the role biofuels have played in powering Iowa’s economy “as there is much more biofuels and biomass can do for Iowa in the future. Optimizing vehicles for biofuels and empowering consumers to choose higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel will be keys to unlocking this potential.”

Learn more about the Iowa Energy Plan.

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