Fuels America Sends Trump RFS Support Letter

Joanna Schroeder

The renewable fuels industry has come together, through Fuels America, to submit a letter to President-Elect Donald Trump congratulating him on his campaign and his vocal support of biofuels such as ethanol during his campaigning.  The letter, signed by 17 organizations, also calls on the new administration to “stand strong against those who seek to undermine this vital program.”

In the letter the organizations write, “As you noted during the campaign, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) ‘is an important tool in the mission to achieve energy independence for the U.S.’ because ‘energy independence is a requirement if America is to become great again.’ We applaud your commitment to the RFS and share your enthusiasm for reinvigorating the economic powerhouse of America’s heartland.”

The letter continues, “To that end, we look forward to working with your administration to ensure that homegrown renewable fuels like ethanol continue to serve as a source of economic growth in rural communities, a source of affordable fuel options for consumers, and a source of American strength against hostile nations overseas.”

The letter concludes with a call to action for Trump to stand strong against those who wish to undermine the program and an offer of support from the industry to help continue the industry’s growth.

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