BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDF1Acting on behalf of North European Bio Tech Oy (NEB), St1 has begun the analysis and signed letters of intent with Alholmens Kraft and UPM on a sawdust-based ethanol plant in the Alholma industrial area in Pietarsaari. The planned production capacity of the plant is 50 million litres of advanced bioethanol per year. The Cellunolix® plant, which utilises sawdust and recycled wood, is planned for UPM’s Alholma industrial area. Alholmens Kraft and UPM would provide the project with the mill site’s services and commodities and where possible, would utilise the by-products of the ethanol production in their own processes.
  • Clean Energy Fuels Corp., has announced that the City of Torrance has awarded Clean Energy a new multiyear compressed natural gas (CNG) contract to fuel its fleet of vehicles. The six-year deal, which calls for 550,000 gasoline gallon equivalents, will enable the city to use Clean Energy’s Redeem™ brand of renewable natural gas (RNG), rated up to 70 percent cleaner than diesel and considered the cleanest transportation fuel available.
  • It’s been a year since President Obama and the leaders of 19 nations stood together in Paris to launch Mission Innovation (MI) to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation and to support economic growth, energy access and security, and as an urgent and lasting global response to climate change with the goal of doubling public investment in clean energy research and development to reach $30 billion in five years. Members are taking another step forward with the announcement that the Obama Administration has created the Sustainable Biofuels Innovation Challenge – to develop ways to produce, at scale, widely affordable, advanced biofuels for transportation and industrial applications.
Bioenergy Bytes