Lee Enterprises Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Joanna Schroeder

Lee Enterprises Consulting is celebrating its 21st anniversary. The organization began as a small biodiesel consulting practice in 1955 and today has grown to a consultancy with over 100 international experts. Lee Enterprises now has seven divisions with emphases on biodiesel, ethanol, emerging technologies, biomass power, renewable chemicals, biogas/AD and business/finance.

Wayne Lee, Founder & CEO of Lee Enterprises Consulting.

Wayne Lee, Founder & CEO of Lee Enterprises Consulting.

“This has been a pretty amazing journey,” said Founder and CEO, Wayne Lee. “I am truly humbled as I reflect back on our beginnings, growth and current position.” Lee notes that he is inspired each day to continue to improve. “I am blessed beyond measure to be part of something that can assist so many in a future in which I fervently believe.”

Other Lee Enterprises executives share Lee’s enthusiasm. “With so many top experts in so many different areas of the bioeconomy, this Lee Enterprises Consulting team is really like no other,” said EVP Gerald Kutney. “The sheer size and cumulative knowledge allow us to provide a very balanced approach, blending the technical, financial, academic, engineering, legal, and accounting into one project.”

EVP Mark Farrer agrees. “Undoubtedly, Lee Enterprises Consulting is the premier consulting group of its kind, and as a consultant myself, it is truly comforting to know that I have so much knowledge and expertise, and so many resources at my fingertips.”

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