Biofuel Champions Celebrate Return of #E15

Joanna Schroeder

A group of America’s biofuel champions joined together this week to celebrate the return of #E15 at the pump for consumers who drive a 2001 or newer vehicle. In Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed today (Sept. 16, 2016) as Ethanol Day in his state. This announcement followed E15 decrees by Mayors of South St. Paul and Minneapolis. And in Iowa, Governor Terry Branstad declared E15 Day in Iowa and North Carolina Mayors Jennifer Roberts of Charlotte and Bill Bell of Durham also declared E15 Day in two of North Carolina’s largest cities.

Photo Credit: Joanna Schroeder

Photo Credit: Joanna Schroeder

“Across the country, policymakers and consumers are recognizing how renewable fuels grow the economy, protect our environment, and dramatically reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor in acknowledgement of the support both the ethanol industry and consumers are receiving to expand choice at the pump. “We’re grateful our champions in Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina for helping us bring new options to consumers that will save them money at the pump. Higher ethanol blends like E15 support new jobs, and they keep our engines running strong without the toxic additives associated with fossil fuels.

Most gasoline sold in the United States contains at least 10 percent ethanol. Fifteen percent blends were approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2011 for all 21st century passenger vehicles, and are being offered at approximately 330 locations in 26 states. Due to summer fuel regulations from the EPA, many retailers are largely prohibited from selling E15 from June 1 through September 15. Growth Energy and other champions hope to change that, and a bipartisan coalition of governors recently joined their call with a letter urging EPA officials to lift outdated regulatory barriers on clean, affordable biofuel.

E15 is critical to America’s energy future. Ethanol and other advanced biofuels help slash carbon emissions and keep U.S. dollars out of the hands of hostile nations,” Skor added.

Leading retailers offering E15 include: Sheetz, Thortons, Murphy USA, MAPCO, RaceTrac, Minnoco, Protec and Kum & Go.

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