KLM to Fly to Use Biofuels in LA

Joanna Schroeder

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be using biofuels in the Los Angeles Airport. The company has signed a three-year contract with AltAir Fuels, who produces the ASTM approved fuel from used cooking oil and is the first biofuels company that continuously produces aviation biofuel for commercial use. The biofuels will be supplied by SkyRNG. Earlier this year, KLM signed on to a similar biofuel initiative in Oslo, Norway. Participants in the biofuels program, such as KLM, pay a surcharge that covers the price difference between the biofuel and regular jet fuel. According to KLM, this not only sets an example, but actively helps make air transportation more sustainable.

altairfuels“Sustainable biofuel is currently one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions in the airline industry,” said KLM President and CEO Pieter Elbers. “Owing partly to the companies taking part in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, we have been able to take this step, giving a further impulse to the consistent production of biofuel.”

According to a press release, the biofuel is pumped directly into the airport fuel reservoirs, which also hold the airport’s conventional kerosene supply. This implies the biofuel is pumped into aircrafts that are refueled in Los Angeles. In this way, biofuel contributes to reducing CO2 emissions from all flights taking off from Los Angeles.

Bryan Sherbacow, president of AltAir Fuels, said, “KLM’s multiyear biofuel offtake is a real milestone for the industry and shows their commitment to making aviation more sustainable. We’re proud to supply them together with our project partner SkyNRG.”

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