BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDF1Gevo has announced that it has entered into a heads of agreement with Deutsche Lufthansa AG to supply Gevo’s alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) from its first commercial hydrocarbons facility, intended to be built in Luverne, MN. The terms of the agreement contemplate Lufthansa purchasing up to 8 million gallons per year of ATJ from Gevo, or up to 40 million gallons over the 5 year life of the off-take agreement.
  • Virent and Tesoro have announced that they have reached an agreement for Tesoro to become Virent’s new strategic owner. The acquisition will support the scale up and commercialization of Virent’s BioForming® technology for the production of low carbon bio-based fuels and chemicals. As a result of the acquisition, Virent will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesoro and remain in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Alliance BioEnergy Plus has released the results from months of testing and data collection on dozens of lignocellulose feedstocks utilizing the patented CTS conversion process. Corn stover, sugar cane bagasse, various grasses, hard and soft woods, landscape waste, agricultural waste and specialty plants were all put through the CTS system. The C5 and C6 sugars were recovered, solubilized and fermented into alcohols while the pure lignin was separated and collected. Extensive data on energy consumption, recycling, recovery rates, processing times and overall economics have been compiled.
Bioenergy Bytes