GROWMARK FS & Star Energy Power #FarmProgressShow

Joanna Schroeder

Once agaifps-16-fs-jasonn, GROWMARK FS and STAR Energy are powering the Farm Progress Show. The companies supply fuels such as propane and propane autogas to help keep the farm equipment and vehicles running smoothly. One hundred percent of the fuel that powers the Farm Progress Show comes from GROWMARK Star Energy.

STAR Energy retail fuel manager Jason Stauffer told Cindy Zimmerman during an interview that there has been some exposure here in Iowa with several school systems converting their buses to propane autogas so GROWMARK Star Energy decided to promote propane this year in their booth.  The company also brought a Ford F-150, which is duel powered to run on gasoline and propane. “So if you can’t have access to propane, just pull into your gas station and fill it up,” explained Stauffer.

On their retail side, GROWMARK offers renewable fuels such as E10 and in terms of STAR Energy, Stauffer said they are huge supporters of ethanol. “In fact, this year we’re adding three more locations that will offer blends like E85.” Rockwell City, Guthrie Center and Yale – all in Iowa- will be adding E85 soon.

Learn more about STAR Energy’s role as the fuel sponsor of the Farm Progress Show in this interview: Interview with Jason Stauffer, FS Star Energy

2016 Farm Progress Show Photos

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