How to Tell #Biofuel’s Sustainability Story

Joanna Schroeder

Sustainability is a key topic in both the biofuels industry as well as among consumers. However, each person seems to have a different definition of what exactly sustainable means. Industry efforts have included ongoing tactics to improve the environmental footprint and the panel discussion, “What Does Sustainability Mean for Biofuel Producers Today? How Will It Affect Your Business Tomorrow?” covered the gambit during the 29th annual American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Conference. Emily Johannes, director of ResourceMax with K Coe Isom, began her presentation by noting that sustainable is not an end-state; it’s a journey.

ace-16-johannesShe counseled attendees that their companies need to capture their environmental efforts and learn how to leverage them and get the story out to consumers. Johannes explained the the sustainability message has three legs to the stool: economics, social component and environmental.

“The future of biofuels in in the consumer,” said Johannes. “Generation Z – today’s teenagers – are talking now about the types of vehicles they are going to drive.”

She concluded her presentation with a reminder – sustainability is about people – and a tip. “It is important to set your own framework for sustainability and then create goals and initiatives to meet your sustainability goals.”

Listen to Emily Johannes’s presentation here: Sustainability and Biofuel Producers Presentation

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