Northern Virginia Now Has E85

Joanna Schroeder

E15 in Potomac Mills MobilWoodbridge, Virginia is the home of a new E85 station (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gas). The Potomac Mills Mobil convenience store is now offering E85, selling it comparably to, or under the price of regular gasoline, as well as other higher blends of ethanol. To celebrate the new ethanol blends, the retail station hosted a car, classic car and bike show. E85 fuel can be used in Flex-Fuel vehicles (FFVs) and in Virginia there are more than 350,000 cars FFVs on the road and 100 FFV models. The station is located at14496 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA, 22193

I promote what I believe in, and, honestly, I wanted the E85 so I could use it myself,” said Love Rapaval, owner, Potomac Mills Mobil. “We have a lot of enthusiasm from the performance auto community for this high-octane fuel and I’m proud to be one of the first in northern Virginia selling it.”

The effort to bring higher blends of ethanol to the market was a collaboration between Protec Fuel, Petroleum Marketers Group, USDA and the Commonwealth of Virginia. According to Protec Fuel, The ethanol portion of these fuel blends is 100 percent U.S.-made, supports jobs and keeps money in local communities. Ethanol burns cleaner in engines, which helps the performance level of the vehicle. It also can extend the life of the engine.

“Not only does E85 reduce harmful emissions significantly; car people love it because it’s 103 octane,” said Steve Walk, VP of Business Development, Protec. “The station will serve a variety of fuel customers, while helping keep more U.S. money inside the U.S.

Alleyn Harned, Virginia Clean Cities executive director, added, “Access to higher blends of ethanol in our motor fuel allows consumers in the area and throughout Virginia to run cleaner and to support our economy to a greater extent. The Commonwealth of Virginia is proud to be partners in this project.

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