HWRT to Offer Pre-blended 15% #Ethanol at Terminals

Cindy Zimmerman

hwrtHWRT Oil Company will soon be the first company in the United States to offer pre-blended 15% ethanol at the terminal level.

Currently there is no access to E15 at local fuel terminals and retailers across the country interested in offering the fuel have done so by diluting a higher ethanol blend (like E85) with regular unleaded, a process that takes additional storage and equipment.

Beginning September 16, HWRT President Matt Schrimpf says, they will include E15 in its slate of product offerings at terminals located in Hartford, Illinois; North Little Rock, Arkansas; Norris City, Illinois; and Seymour, Indiana.

“HWRT was one of the very first terminals in the country to offer automated ethanol blending at the terminal rack, so the move to E15 is a natural progression for our company. We have over 30 years of experience blending ethanol, and we look forward to helping our customers experience the benefits E15 can offer,” said Schrimpf.

Renewable Fuels Association Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White calling this a “game-changer” for increasing access to E15. “HWRT’s leadership will give thousands of retailers in multiple states access to a new fuel option, one that consumers are embracing quickly where available,” said White. “Offering E15 at the terminal level provides new opportunities for retailers and greater choice for consumers.”

RFA has been working with HWRT on a number of issues related to offering E15 at the terminal, including regulatory compliance, participation in the EPA’s required fuel survey, and adoption of RFA’s Misfueling Mitigation Plan (MMP). RFA will immediately begin working with interested retailers serviced by the four HWRT-owned terminals to assist them with the transition to offering E15 at retail. HWRT plans to eventually expand the E15 offering to 17 additional terminals in a total of seven states where the company holds positions.

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