.@NASCAR #E15 Race Offers Fans ‘All American Fun’

Joanna Schroeder

enogen-jimmy-smallJimmy Small is in his third race season as president of Iowa Speedway. The American Ethanol E15 250 presented by Enogen is in its fourth year while the American Ethanol sponsorship is in its fifth year. Small told Chuck Zimmerman in an interview during #ethanol race weekend that year after year they want to continue to grow their partnership together and work towards building the ethanol message platform as high as they can.

This year is the first that ethanol race weekend was tied to an XFINITY series race. With the new opportunity, Small said they worked together to put on a super weekend – a weekend that has never been done at the Iowa Speedway before. And they’ve done it. On Father’s Day weekend, no less, where all eyes were on Iowa.

We take pride in being not only fan friendly but family friendly,” said Small. He explained that they had activities throughout the weekend for all ages including a Q&A session where kids got to ask  drivers questions. “The fans enjoyed asking drivers questions. This almost never happens and the drivers loved it.” There was also a lot of entertainment with most promoting the NASCAR Salutes program celebrating patriotism and honoring those who have served America in the armed forces and continue to serve.

Field of Dreams sign at Iowa SpeedwaySmall noted one of the things he enjoys most about ethanol race weekend is the authenticity of the Syngenta sponsorship. He said the company is very important to the Iowa Speedway, in part because Enogen corn is grown in the fields surrounding the track and this Enogen corn is being used to produce the E15 that is fueling the race cars.  “You can see the Enogen corn growing in the infield by the ‘Field of Dreams’ sign and we take great pride in having the Enogen corn growing in and around the Speedway,” Small added.

Small left us, and the NASCAR crowd, with this message: If NASCAR uses E15 in their race cars, imagine how well E15 will perform in your vehicle.

To learn more about Iowa Speedway’s partnership with Syngenta and Enogen, listen to Chuck’s interview with Jimmy Small here: Interview with Jimmy Small, Iowa Speedway

You can find lots of photos from Iowa Speedway race weekend here: Enogen Syngenta NASCAR Photo Album

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