CE&P’s Sugarcane-to-Ethanol Plant Moves Forward

Joanna Schroeder

California Ethanol & Power LLC (CE&P) proposed sugarcane-to-ethanol plant project is moving forward. To be located in Imperial Valley, California, CE&P has awarded the project management, engineering and construction contract to Technip, who will also serve as the contractor. The company says it plans have all finances in place in late 2016 with a ground-breaking following shortly thereafter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.26.41 AM“We look forward to providing CE&P with immediate local support for this project. Our technical team is backed by Technip’s global experience in ethanol technologies and plant construction which is a perfect match for this project,” said Jeroen Snijder, general manager and vice president of Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology’s center in Claremont.

David R. Rubenstein, president and CEO of CE&P, added, “Technip has decades of experience working in renewable energy, alcohol and water treatment. We look forward to having a worldwide long-term partner who will bring valuable expertise and efficiencies to our project. Together with Technip, we will collectively work toward our goal of building a facility that produces extremely low carbon ethanol, base-load renewable electricity, and pipeline quality biogas. The project will spur local economic and agricultural development in the form of sustainable crops and the resulting jobs generated from building a renewable energy facility.”

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