Joule’s Sunflow-E Receives EPA Approval

Joanna Schroeder

Joule joule logohas received EPA approval of its Sunflow-E ethanol process that creates drop-in liquid fuels from recycled CO2. The EPA now recognizes the fuel as an advanced fuel allowing, says the company, the ability to accelerate the commercialization of its product. The fuel pathway will receive a D-5 Renewable Identification Number as part of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Sunflow-E ethanol, says Joule, is chemically identical to traditional ethanol but rather than using a biomass-based feedstock, uses CO2 as its feedstock in a continuous process that uses engineered bacteria as living catalysts. According to the company, its Sunflow-E was found to reduce lifecycle GHG emissions by 85 percent.

“Following strong momentum in 2015, we’re pleased to start this year off in such a productive manner, with some major highlights on the technical and regulatory front,” said Brian Baynes, Joule CEO. “The qualification from the EPA allows Joule to compete with other forms of ethanol and provides our customers and partners with the full benefit of renewable fuels from a cost, production and environmental standpoint.”

advanced biofuels, Ethanol