ICM to Expand Albion Ethanol

Joanna Schroeder

ICM has been hired by The Andersons Albion Ethanol for an expansion project. The company will be designing and building the expansion that will double ethanol production.

ICM_2-color_logoVRTThe dry-mill corn ethanol plant was designed and built by ICM, Inc. in 2006 and engineered for future expansion. As part of the project, the plant will add a combined heat and power system that will generate approximately 7.5MW of electricity and produce steam for the existing and expanded ethanol plant. The ethanol plant expansion and installation of the combined heat and power system is expected to be completed in April 2017.

ICM President Chris Mitchell said, “We’re thrilled to announce the expansion project at the Albion, Michigan facility, and we look forward to continued collaboration with The Andersons to support the economic growth of the region by providing our process technologies and services to advance renewable energy.”

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