Abigail Fisler Shares Her #RFANEC Experience

Joanna Schroeder

nec16-scholarshipAbigail Fisler was the recipient of this year’s National Ethanol Conference (NEC) scholarship awarded by the Renewable Fuels Foundation. She is a junior at Dickinson College in Carlislie, PA studying environmental studies with a focus on renewable energy and climate change. Last year she attended her first NEC show and wanted to attend again because of all the great educational and networking opportunities.

Before she headed back to the books, she spoke with Cindy Zimmerman about some of the highlights of her time at the ethanol conference. She prefaced her answer with “that’s a tough one” but noted she really enjoyed the panel that included Alicia Lindauer with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). “I grabbed her at the networking reception and talked with her about what her career path has been and about her education path that led her there, and I thought it was really interesting to talk with her.”

Other areas that particularly interested her were discussions around why some areas are implementing E15 and other areas are not, and why some places have lots of flex fuel vehicles while others don’t.

To learn more about Abigail’s growing interest in renewable fuels (she’s been a fan since 4th grade) and to hear more about her NEC experience, listen to Cindy Zimmerman’s interview with NEC Scholarship winner Abigail Fisler: Interview with Abigail Fisler

2016 National Ethanol Conference Photo Album

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