Clean Power Plan A Top Energy Issue

Joanna Schroeder

The Clean Power Plan (CPP) is among top issues that legislators will face this year in energy according to the Council of State Governments.

“Energy issues will continue to receive significant attention in 2016,” said Liz Edmondson, director of energy and environmental policy at CSG. “Market forces, governmental regulations and increasing technology are changing the way we generate, transmit and use energy. In light of these issues, state policymakers and regulators will need to work together to comply with new federal regulations such as the Clean Power Plan, and to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy reliable and affordable access to electricity.”

In addition to the Clean Power Plan, states will face a variety of policy issues related to an increase in natural gas production. Other top issues in energy and environment include electricity transmission, ratemaking and grid reliability; water quality and quantity; and the use of science-based decision making.

The CPP continues to be a hot button issue with coalitions coming together to sue the EPA in an effort to block the plan’s implementation. This week the U.S. Court of Appeals rejected a stay requested by opponents.

“This is a huge win for protecting our health and climate from dangerous carbon pollution, said David Doniger, director of Climate and Clean Air Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “The Court has brushed aside the polluters’ bogus bid to block the Clean Power Plan, and the electricity sector will continue the shift from its high-pollution, dirty-fueled past to a safer, cleaner-powered future.

“The decision greenlights work that most states have already begun to put the Clean Power Plan into action, and signals to others that there is no excuse for holding back on implementation. Cutting the largest source of carbon pollution fueling climate change should be Job One,” added Doniger.

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