Trump Hits Cruz on Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

trump-iowaDuring an appearance at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Friday, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump talked about his support for ethanol and how his primary rival in the state, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, supports oil.

“Where are the ethanol people?” Trump asked the crowd, which cheered in return. “I was here a month ago, I met with them all and they do a fantastic job – I toured the plants….it’s so important.”

Trump says he doesn’t understand why Sen. Cruz is doing so well in Iowa when he is against ethanol. “He’s got to come a long way because he’s right now for the oil,” Trump said. “I understand it. Oil pays him a lot of money. He’s got to be for oil, right? The oil companies give him a lot of money. But I’m with you. I’m with everybody. Look, I’m self-funding. I have no oil company. I have no special interest.”

After a question about Cruz and his lack of support for ethanol, Trump added, “If Ted Cruz is against ethanol, how does he win in Iowa, because that’s very anti-Iowa.”

Listen to Trump’s comments here: Trump comments on ethanol in Iowa

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