Americans United for Change New Climate Video

Joanna Schroeder

COP21 will go down in history as nearly 200 countries came together to reach an historic climate agreement. Despite the efforts, there is still a political contingency of “climate deniers” (check out the Climate Deniers Anthem spoof released by Funny or Die last week) and Americans United for Change noted they will be taking the presidential debate stage tomorrow in Nevada. Today the organization released a new video called ‘Still Not a Scientist’, a sequel to the Webby Award nominated video ‘Not A Scientist’.

According to Americans United for Change, ‘Still Not A Scientist’ features numerous Republican leaders and presidential hopefuls all singing from the same climate denial hymnal, all refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming scientific data that climate change is happening and is man-made. The truth, the organization says, is 99.99 percent of peer-reviewed climate science papers have concluded that climate change is happening and that it’s man-made, but that doesn’t matter when the Koch brothers own 99.99 percent of the GOP.

Under President Obama, the U.S. has made huge strides on climate, cites Americans United for Change, leading here at home with the Clean Power Plan and leading abroad by helping negotiate key commitments from countries like India, Brazil and China ahead of the Paris agreement. However, that could change, says the group, if the presidential candidates show their commitment to Big Oil. Because of the Koch brothers hold, Americans United for Change said, President Obama sent actual scientists and negotiators like Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris. While Ted Cruz, the group said, was showing he’ll rely on conservative shock jock radio host fill-ins for Rush Limbaugh for counsel on climate science, because Republicans know the further they drive their heads into the sand on climate change, the bigger the “Hero” they are to their big polluter donors.

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