ARF Aims to Educate Iowans about Cruz

Joanna Schroeder

Iowans are about to see an aggressive education push aimed at Senator Ted Cruz regarding his opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The campaign is sponsored by America’s Renewable Future (ARF) and includes a a grassroots constituency group coined, Farmers Against Cruz, and includes digital and radio ads along with direct mail. The ads highlight what ARF calls Cruz’s hypocrisy with his support of oil industry subsidies and staunch opposition to the the RFS that does not receive subsidies. ARF recently gave Cruz a bad rating on its midterm grading reporting for his opposition to the RFS.

ARF-Logo-Retina-Alt“Ted Cruz wants to decimate Iowa farmers and risk 73,000 Iowa jobs by repealing the RFS,” said ARF Co-Chair and farmer, Rep. Annette Sweeney, “Since he isn’t being honest about why, we are making sure Iowans know that Ted Cruz would rather support subsidies for oil companies than stand up for Iowa farmers.”

A report from Oil Change International, the oil industry receives subsidies costing American taxpayers $20.5 billion annually. Subsidies for biofuels like ethanol ended in December 2011. ARF says Cruz has close to a million dollars personally invested in oil companies, which is roughly equivalent to the over $1 million campaign contributions he has received from the oil industry. The Super PACS propping up his campaign have received over $25 million from oil interests.

“Cruz owes Iowans an explanation and the truth,” added Sweeney, “In the meantime, we have an obligation to the 50,000 caucus-goers who have pledged to caucus for a pro-RFS candidate to let them know that Ted Cruz is dangerous.”

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